Here are some frequently asked questions 

Q: How long does a reading usually last? 
A: A reading with Laurie lasts 1 hour. If you feel like you need more time you can purchase two hours. 

Q: My loved ones did not speak English. Will Laurie be able to understand them? 
A: Laurie reads internationally and says that language is not a barrier when bringing through your loved ones. 

Q: After I send my payment what happens? 
A: Due to Laurie's schedule it can take about 1 to 3 months after payment is received for us to contact you to set up the reading. Laurie will personally call you to schedule the appointment if you live in the USA. If your are an international client we will contact you through your email.

Q: When is Laurie booking for? 
A: Currently Laurie is booking for 2024 but that can change depending on the volume of clients she receives. Laurie books everyone based on when payment is received. 

Q: What kind of readings does Laurie do? Does she do life readings? 
A: Laurie’s readings are a mixture of psychic and mediumship. Laurie does receive information on a persons love life, work, health, and information on living people in your life. 

Q: Is Laurie doing in person readings? 
A: Due to covid and Laurie’s son having a heart transplant Laurie is not doing in person readings for at least the next year. 

Q: Is there a difference between in person and over the phone readings? 
A: Laurie has read thousands of people over the years, some in person and others over the phone. The information is the same that she receives. 

Q: Does Laurie do online readings? Skype, Zoom, etc. 
A: Laurie is currently only doing over the phone readings. 

Q: Does Laurie do group readings or more than one person at a time? 
A: Laurie only does two people if it is the parents of a child who has crossed over. 

Q: Does Laurie do mentorship? 
A: Not at this time but if you would like to be put on a list if she decides to do it in the future just email and let us know. 

Q: Does Laurie bring through pets? 
A: With Laurie’s love of animals she loves being able to bring through peoples beloved pets.

Q: Does Laurie have any books she recommends to help me connect to my spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over?
A: For over 20 years Laurie has recommended Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman to help people make their own connections to their spirit guides. Laurie has seen a lot of people gain control over their abilities when using that book mixed with a guided meditation tape.
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